Monday, June 28, 2010

Very first gibble-gabble blog entry

Why this blog, when I already have three websites, one blog and Facebook?
My other websites have more specific purposes. So has the nauti-blog. See the latter below...
Facebook is ok, but imposing too much of my presence is not necessarily welcome and can be confusing, as there is no way to distinguish between the silly day-to-day diary and posts meaning to convey something on the news feed. This space has no other purpose than to share what I wouldn't on Facebook, writing down whatever comes through my mind, in particular things that would less likely to be appreciated by the community.
Here, friends, and friends of friends and so on, are welcome, free to come in, take a peek, give a poke and go.
This entry is a test to see if everything works ok. I have no idea how the prototype will look.
What was the most time consuming was to decide for a name I would not regret for this blog. The choice narrowed down in the end between blog-note, gibble-gabblog, jabberwocky, amongst names provided by searches for "nonsense". I hope you acquiesce with the final pick.
Some of my posts  here will be mirrored from Facebook for those who, for very good reasons, don't want to get into the social network game. As as side benefit, it will serve as a back-up for some of the stuff I've got elsewhere.
The appearance is not finalised and don't know what tools are available with in order to shape gibble-gabblog the way I want.
All the best to all,

PS: the next and 2nd blog will be a brief intro of myself for the aliens amongst you, just for the form. : dedicated to kitesurfing of the other kind : kitesufing blog and loosely related topics : the space I love to hate
My other website is not much interest for anyone comfortable here.

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