Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why Are French Women Killing Their Babies?

Check it there:
Why Are French Women Killing Their Babies?

The obvious answer to the enigma: motherhood is seen as a stigma in our so called culture where professional "career" is the ultimate goal, as if giving life wasn't the very finest destiny one could aspire to. Being inescapable does not make it less valuable.
As a lady very dear to me said to her daughter, when she was, or rather, felt confronted with the motherhood/career dilemma "by definition, the exercise of freedom requires you to abandon all of possible choices offered to you but the one". Coelho made a very similar comment recently.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Internet prefiguring the global brain, as the ant colony does.

The first thing I was taught when I went to studies, was how to find information on any particular topic. It was time consuming and arduous, but certainly the most useful thing I ever learned.
We are in now in 2010. Gone with the library indexed references and cards. Type a few words, click and you get all the information you ever want about any subject of interest. All the knowledge amassed through the centuries is available there on the net. Very nearly...
The next logical step is the direct connection with the universal knowledge. Gone will be the typing and the click that follows. Our brain will somehow be interfaced with the "next" internet.
What a perspective! Each of us will have instant access the hence implanted world knowledge, and merge with a super being which will surpass our individual capacities as much as the colony is with respect to the individual ant.
What will individuality mean then, is left to yet another speculation..

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Les peuples ont les regimes qu'ils meritent

Concernant les OGM, le rechauffement climatique et autres atteintes a notre environnement, n'est-il pas frappant de constater que en depit d'un consensus  qui semble total sur facebook et sans doute dans tous les autres espaces sociaux,  aucun resultat concret n'en ressort? En effet, cela ne semble pas inquietier outre mesure les responsables de tous ces maux, qui non seulement continuent de deverser leurs poisons comme si de rien n'etait, mais ne se donnent pas la peine de justifier ou expliquer la necessite de leurs actions aupres des mecontents affectes, autrement que par les trois mots qui legitimisent tout: croissance, croissance, croissance.
De deux chose l'une: soit ils ne lisent pas ce qui ce dit sur eux sur FB et ailleurs (auquel cas ces complaintes ne servent a rien et on ferait mieux de la boucler), soit ils s'en moquent, se sachant proteges par les gens en haut lieu. Comment, afin de remedier a cette situation, ne pas entre tente par les ideologies anarchistes ou extremistes quand l'etat et les lois protegent des interests particuliers nefastes a la communaute?
Les peuples ont, apres tout, les regimes qu'ils meritent, par manque de raison ou plus probablement par simple veulerie.