Monday, August 2, 2010

Internet prefiguring the global brain, as the ant colony does.

The first thing I was taught when I went to studies, was how to find information on any particular topic. It was time consuming and arduous, but certainly the most useful thing I ever learned.
We are in now in 2010. Gone with the library indexed references and cards. Type a few words, click and you get all the information you ever want about any subject of interest. All the knowledge amassed through the centuries is available there on the net. Very nearly...
The next logical step is the direct connection with the universal knowledge. Gone will be the typing and the click that follows. Our brain will somehow be interfaced with the "next" internet.
What a perspective! Each of us will have instant access the hence implanted world knowledge, and merge with a super being which will surpass our individual capacities as much as the colony is with respect to the individual ant.
What will individuality mean then, is left to yet another speculation..

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