Thursday, October 21, 2010

Claiming the right to smash their birdbrains against the wall of reality

Protesters rally across France over pension reforms

They are not faces of angry Muslims.
Nor are they faces of tennis players after a winner.
They are faces of French morons claiming the right to smash their birdbrains against the wall of reality!
It also shows the height of their aspirations.
These kids are already longing to twiddle their thumbs for the rest of their lives, 40 years ahead of time, when life expectancy will be such that retirement years will far exceed working years. Off course, they'd never consider the prospect of having a job that could provide satisfaction and that they'd insist to hold on as long as possible.
"Liberte, Fraternite, Egalite"? Fraternity, equality with all the countries whose retirement age is above theirs, in Europe (let's not talk about the rest of the world, where they haven't a clue of what social security means)?
Holding on to "acquired" benefits will come at a great cost.
After that they will be complaining that China and other Indias are overtaking them.

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