Sunday, January 23, 2011

Android emulation on your PC

From my facebook post on the topic...

Ha! (and hi) to all you guy's already converted to Android:
You can dump your gimmick smartphone and have your beloved android apps right on your pc, which has the added benefit of a proper screen, proper keyboard.
The only thing you'd be losing is the ability to call someone, but who cares? Isn't it degrading for a smartphone to be a mere phone?
With all the functions and Android phone distracts you with, you haven't got the time to make phone calls anyway.
It might even be an advantage not to receive calls at all:-D
And if you insist to be able to phone, you can always get the cheapest of Nokias, which is the best phone on Earth, which has the most useful function of all: a flashlight!

I hadn't actually tried when I posted the above, so my first self comment 30 min later was:

Amazing! It actually works.
I still have to learn how to install my favourite apps, since the dedicated "Market" icon I've got on my Streak is absent.
There is even a Galaxy Tab and Android 2.3 virtual devices!
The only quirks I experienced so far, are some Korean characters on the pop-up keyboard (but using my pc keyboard, or the side keyboardd is fine), and it's slow to load and react.
I wonder it would take advantage of 3g (and make calls) and GPS if the PC (such as the bModo mentioned earlier) had an integrated SIM...
Can you imagine the possibilities? Merging the best Windows and Android Tab (some truly amazing) apps in a single slate? All I can say is wow! 

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